Peraphan is an assistant professor and senior research fellow of On the Move – Mobility in transition Project at Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University, the Netherlands.


He is also served as an Executive Director of the Global Carbon Project, Tsukuba Office at the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

Research & Professional highlights

• Planning and policymaking to support implementations of smart mobility concepts and the transition toward a sustainable transport system

• A system and participatory approach to transport research,

 Experienced in working with interdisciplinary teams, in organising educational workshops, living lab, collaborative platform, creative group facilitation, and outreach activities.

Topics examined

 Sustainable transport planning, mobility transition, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), shared and on-demand transport services, and mobility service for the elderly.
• Proficient in various qualitative and quantitative research methods, e.g. Adaptive planning, Assumption Based planning, System Dynamics, Delphi Method, and Group Model Building

Google scholar 

Mobility as a Service:

• Future implementation of mobility as a service (MaaS): Results of an international Delphi study (Jittrapirom et al., 2018)

• A critical review of definitions, assessments of schemes, and key challenges (Jittrapirom et al., 2017)


Transport planning related
• Application of Dynamic Adaptive policy-making to implement Mobility as a Service (Jittrapirom et al., 2018)

• A Review of Thailand’s Transport Master Plan for Regional Cities (Jittrapirom and Jaensirisak, 2020)


Smart and sustainable mobility
• The Dutch elderly’s preferences toward a smart demand-responsive transport service (Jittrapirom et al., 2019)

• A review of current Off-street residential parking organisation practice (Jittrapirom & Emberger, 2011)


System Dynamics and participatory process (Group model building)
• The conundrum of the motorcycle in the mix of sustainable urban transport – using System Dynamics model to analyse long term impact of promoting motorised two-wheeler (Jittrapirom, Knoflacher, and Mailer., 2017)

• Understanding decision makers’ perceptions of urban transport problems using Causal Loop Diagram (CLD) (Jittrapirom, Knoflacher, and Mailer., 2017)

• An application of System Dynamics model in Metropolitan Activity Relocation Simulator (MARS) to assess transport policy for Chiang Mai City (Jaensirisak, Jittrapirom et al., 2015)C

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